Sunday, December 30, 2012

Following the Star Retreat

 Like the Magi, we are called to follow the Star which will guide us to Jesus.
Following the Star Retreat offered young ladies the opportunity to know how they are to be bright stars in a world which could be covered with many different types of clouds.
As they began the experience, each young lady received a star. On it, they had to write a gift, a talent they have. This star was folded to cover the talent they wrote. This gesture served as a reminder that even though there are bright stars, and we all have talents, we can hide them. Some times the clouds hide the stars. In our lives, what are the things that take us to hide our talents, our gifts? The letter to the Phillipians tell us that even when it gets very dark out in the "world", our star (talent) needs to shine. With this in mind, the retreat continued on with stories of people who decided to follow the star in their lives.

May the Good Lord help each one of us to follow the star, Jesus Christ. May his light guide each and every one of our steps so we can be Christ-like to all who know us!