Monday, July 16, 2012

Surfing and Patience

Observing a bunch of surfers in the water made me realize the importance of patience. They all tied the surfing board to their ankle and on top of it swam into deeper waters. They waited patiently for the right wave. They would keep their eyes on the movement of the water. When they saw the perfect wave forming, they laid flat on their belly and began to swim on their board. Up on their feet. Swaying with the waves. What a beautiful sight!
Admiring them reminded me of Dewitt Jones, a professional photographer for National Geographic. In his video" Focus Your Vision" he emphasized the importance of a goal in life; what it is one is looking for, especially when it comes to photography. Then, one needs to wait until it shows up. The right moment for the picture will come when the photographer is patient and waits.
The right wave will come up. The surfer needs to be patient.
It just makes me wonder how patient are we with our own process.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deja y Lleva

Ayer caminaba por las calles del pueblo con una de las hermanas participantes del taller. La invité para que viera uno de los lagos. Al caminar disfrutábamos del paisaje. Al acercarnos al lago se lo señalo. Para mi sorpresa me dice “es un río”. Como sabía que era el lago se lo volví a afirmar. No quedó muy convencida.

Hoy escuchaba el evangelio donde nos envían dos en dos y llevar lo necesario. A veces me pregunto a mi misma si ese llevar lo necesario no incluye dejar también nuestros prejuicios o nuestra "sabiduría".

Al fin, cuando vio el nombre del lago, quedó convencida de que era un lago.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


As I walked along the beach, I witnessed an incredible encounter between friends. This young boy, around 10, was walking to the water with his family. He spotted his friend who was already enjoying the water. He yelled out his friends name "Doug," and ran towards him. "Doug" did the same. They embraced each other with great happiness. They were so happy to see each other they could not hide it from others. What was even more beautiful one of the boys was African-American and the other anglo.
They were elated to be with each other.
Blessed Kateri had to embrace another religion, another culture. I believe her happiness in doing so was similar to these two boys.